Along with a host of other shifts in perspective, long-term travel challenges the concepts of comfort and personal space. How much space do we really need? And how many of our belongings are actually important? We are both advocates for small space living. In 2016, we travelled the the Western United States and stayed in a series of tiny houses (all less than 350 square feet). It was both liberating and confounding- why do we all think we need more space?

During our travels so far this year, nearly all of our accommodations have been small hotel rooms or studio-style apartments. We’ve never felt claustrophobic, nor have we yearned for any of the personal possessions or physical comforts we left back home in Canada. On this second trip to Singapore, we challenged ourselves even further: we booked a three nights’ stay in a pod hotel. Also known as capsule hotels, pod hotels were originally developed in Japan. They are considered basic, no-frills accommodations for people who don’t need (or don’t want to pay for) the comforts of a typical hotel room. The individual rooms (pods) are plastic or fibreglass modular units, stacked together to create a hive-like configuration. The ‘double pod’ we booked was a whopping 32 square feet in size.

The verdict? Although not sustainable for longer stays (luggage is stored in lockers and bathrooms are communal), we loved it! The pod felt cozy, and the other occupants were friendly and respectful of quiet hours. The small space encouraged us to maximize our waking hours by getting out and exploring the city, only coming back to the pod to unwind and sleep.

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2 thoughts on “Singapore 2.0

  • Scott June 8, 2018 at 12:06 pm Reply

    Those pods look pretty cozy. I would enjoy spending a night in one of those.
    I recognize some of the buildings from the Formula One race in Singapore around Marina Bay. It’s a night race and the whole city is lit up with colourful lights and tons of fireworks after the race.

    • Kristen & Andrew June 9, 2018 at 7:55 am Reply

      It was more enjoyable than most people would expect! It was very cozy, and the A/C kept it a comfortable temperature.

      Didn’t realize they do (did?) a Formula One race in Singapore- very cool! It’s a beautiful city. There is a nightly light show at the waterfront by Marina Bay that attracts a lot of people.

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